Yagluth is the boss of the plains biome in Valheim and is currently the latest addition to Valeheim. Yagluth is a strong boss and is the king of the Fulings you see wandering the plains. 

Finding Yagluth 

Yagluth is like the other Valheim bosses found by looking at the stone tablets placed out around the biome the boss is located in, in Yagluth’s case he is the boss of the plains biome and therefore will be found by checking stone tablets in the plains.

Summoning Yagluth

You will be able to summon Yagluth when you have found his summoning altar and brought 5 Fuling Totems, these can be found in Fuling camps through the plains and can be quite the challenge to acquire. Fulings hit hard and the camp full of them shouldn’t be rushed straight into, try luring out one at a time with a ranged attack and dealing with them before proceeding further into the camp. 

Preparing for Yagluth fight

You will need to prepare as with the other bosses by getting the best food you can acquire and also getting potions, in this case, a fire resistance barley wine potion would be useful since he has plenty of fire attacks and they hurt for quite a bit. You can make the barley wine base: Fire resistance in the fermenter from 10 barley and 10 cloudberries, both of these regents are found in the plains biome and is good to save whenever picked up whilst gathering totems. 

Armour for fighting Yagluth

You should always be equipped in the best gear available before fighting any boss in Valheim, Yagluth is no different. Before taking on Yagluth you should have a fully equipped set of Padded Armour, to make the set you will need the following:

Padded Helmet: 10 Iron, 15 Linen Thread
Padded Cuirass: 10 Iron, 20 Linen Thread
Padded Greaves: 10 Iron, 20 Linen Thread
Linen Cape: 1 Silver, 20 Linen Thread (this is optional, your wolf cloak works just as well)

Blackmetal Sheild: 10 fine wood, 8 Black Metal, 5 chains. 

Weapons for fighting Yagluth

Yagluth is best fought with melee combat since he is resistant to poison, fire, wet and piercing damage. This also means that a spear is inefficient against Yagluth and he should be fought with slashing or blunt damage. The best weapon you can have to fight Yagluth is either a Blackmetal sword or the Porcupine Mace since these don’t do reduced damage to him they are the best choice of weapons for him.

You craft these with the following items: 

Black metal sword: 2 Fine wood, 20 Black metal, 5 Linen thread

Porcupine Mace: 5 Fine wood, 20 Iron, 5 Needle, 10 Linen thread. 

(You will need an upgraded forge to craft these items) 

Even if Bows are weak it’s good to bring a bow and some arrows so you can stop him from healing whilst you kite and try to heal yourself.  

Fighting Yagluth – Spells and Abilities

Yagluth has like many other Valheim bosses 3 Abilities:

Ground Slam – Yagluth raises one of his fists into the air and makes them glow blueish purple before he slams them into the ground. Anyone standing within the radius of the slam will take 65 fira and 65 lighting damage, blue fire will be left on the ground in the area and deal 100 fire damage over time.

Meteor shower – When Yagluth Raises his hand and it glows red he will release a burning meteor shower that will deal 40 blunt damage and 120 fire damage to anyone hit by the meteors. The meteors always fall at a slight angle from the direction of Yagluth. 

Fire Spit – Yagluth will sometimes breathe fire or spit it, in a beam-like manner at the player. Do not get hit by this since it deals 40 fire damage and 20 lighting damage per hit and hits you rapidly if it makes contact with your character.  

Tips and tricks for fighting Yagluth

Our first tip when fighting Yagluth is that you should always try to do as much damage to him as possible during his summon. It takes some time for him to crawl out of the ground so getting a bunch of mele hits on him then can make you deal 10-15% of his HP in damage before he even gets up. You should also try to kite him around the environment, finding pillars and rocks to take cover behind and fight him around makes the encounter a lot easier.

Another tip is to bring a bow, even if piercing damage is very low on Yagluth it’s nice to have a bow and tons of arrows so you can slowly chip away at his HP without having to come too close to the danger zone. This at least stops him from healing so should be used for when you need to heal and kite Yagluth for a bit. 

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