In Valheim, Bonemass is a powerful boss that can be found in the swamp biome. To find Bonemass, you will need to explore the swamp biome and look for the large, stone tablets in the biome that points to the Bonemass summoning altar. When you’ve found the altar you will have a marker on your map of its location.

How to summon bonemass

To summon Bonemass from the altar you need to make an offering of 10 withered bones. You can get these bones from the scrap piles and chests in the crypts, this is the same place you gather iron and surtling cores from.

This is what the altar looks like:

Bonemass Altar

Preparing to kill bonemass

To defeat Bonemass, you will need to be well-equipped and well-prepared. Bonemass is a tough enemy, and it will require a lot of skill and strategy to defeat. He also deals poison damage so bringing a (Mead base: Poison resistance) is very helpful. 

Armour and weapons for bonemass bossfight

Make sure you have a good weapon, some armor, and plenty of healing items. You should have gathered iron and crafted iron weapons and armor before you take on Bonemass. You may also want to bring along some friends to help you in the fight. Bonemass is resistant to slash and pierce damage and weak to blunt damage, therefore bringing a mace or stag breaker is recommended to do the most damage.

When fighting Bonemass, be prepared for a long and difficult battle. Bonemass has a lot of health, and it can deal a lot of damage. It may take a few tries, but with perseverance and skill, you should be able to defeat Bonemass and claim its valuable loot.

Bonemass attacks and abilities

Bonemass melee attack: Bonemass has a melee attack where he swings slowly but hard with his fist, getting hit by this deals heavy damage and inflicts poison on the player. This attack should be dodged and it is slow enough to dodge reliably.

Bonemass throws living slime: Bonemass throws blobs of slime that fight against you, this animation is slow and it is not hitting you directly so it’s a perfect chance to get hits in on the boss. You should kill the living blobs as they get summoned though, this way they won’t accumulate and overrun you with numbers later on in the fight when more of them come. 

Bonemass poison release: Bonemass last attack is a dance-looking rumble he performs that release poison fog in an area around him, during this you should run away and wait until you can approach him again. This fog hits hard so do your best to avoid it and don’t think too lightly of the fog.

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