In the game Valheim, The Elder is a powerful boss that can only be defeated through careful planning and strategy. The elder only has one specific weakness and this is fire damage, this makes sense since the elder is a tree. The elder is also resistant to blunt damage and the preferable fighting style is with either a hatchet or a bow with fire arrows.

Players will need to use a variety of tactics and equipment in order to defeat it. Some players have found success using long-range weapons and avoiding The Elder’s attacks, while others have used a combination of melee and ranged combat to defeat it. Ultimately, the key to defeating The Elder is to plan carefully and execute your strategy effectively.

Finding The Elder Altar

In Valheim you find stone tablets throughout the zones of the game that points you toward its bosses, for The Elder the same applies. Find the stone tablets located around the black forest biomes until one of them points at the location of The Elder summon altar. This will be marked on your map once you have found it. 

Summoning The Elder

In Valheim, The Elder is a powerful boss that can only be summoned and fought in the black forest biome. To summon The Elder, players will need to locate and collect three Ancient Seeds, which can be found by defeating Greydwarf brutes, shamans and when killing their nests in the Black forest biome. Once you have collected the seeds, they can be placed on the Altar of Elder located in the Black forest, which will summon The Elder.

Gearing up to fight The Elder

Before any fight in Valheim you will first of need to prepare the best armor and weapons available to you at the time. Before fighting The Elder you have access to bronze armor and weapons and should make sure you have fully geared your character with bronze armor and weaponry. You should also make sure you have a bow since keeping distance to The Elder makes the fight significantly easier, pairing your bow with fire arrows also makes The Elder take extra burning damage, without fire arrows using a bow is not as efficient. 

To craft fire arrows you need:

  • Wood x 8
  • Resin x 8
  • Feathers x 2
  • workbench

The Elder Attacks and Abilities

The Elder has a combinations of longrange and close range attacks aswell as an attack that spawns additional monsters that attacks you. The best way to deal with this boss is to fight him with long range and hide behind trees or rocks when he shoots vines at you. 

Vine shot : The elder shoots vines at you that deal 35 peirce damage, this is a fast attack that is hard to dodge in the open especially since he shoots more than one vine. The best way to dodge this is to take cover behind something, but switch cover inbetween attacks since it will also do 20 chop and 20 pickaxe damage meaning it can break your cover eventually.

Stomp : The Elder lifts its feet and stomps the ground close to it dealin 60 blunt damage hitting hard, its a slow attack and can be roll dodged but best is to stay out of its range. 

Spawn Roots : The elder raises its arm into the air and summon roots around a player, the roots will attack you but they cannot move so running away from them is the best way to deal with these. They can be destroyed but will also despawn eventually so this is not necessary. 

Rewards from killing the Elder

Once you have killed the elder you will be rewarded with the elder trophy that you can hang on the stones in the circle to get his abilities and also a swamp key that gives you access to the sunken crypts in the swamp biome where you can find scrap iron.

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