HostHavoc Hosting Review

Our rating of HostHavoc is 5 ⭐


HostHavoc is a great server provider and we would deem them one of the server providers that ticks most of the boxes for a great game server hosting experience. They offer a very wide variety of games to host and have top-notch customer service to go along with it.

Ease of access

When we used HostHavoc, we found it very easy to set up and get started with our V-Rising game; all it took was a few clicks to get the server purchased and everything was very easy to understand once the server was up and running. We played without any problems at all and had a great experience as vampires in the world of V -Rising. Even though I didn’t have any issues with the server, I sent the support team a question, just to see how long it would take to get a response. They were very quick to answer me, which is always a massive plus when you’re looking to buy game server hosting.

Server uptime and stability

We had no problems whatsoever with the server stability and the uptime, we even invited our friends to join us on the game and we experienced no issues at all! We even filled the server slots full to 10/10 people. We really got the feeling that HostHavoc is a premium game server provider.

Server locations

HostHavoc has tons of hosting servers across America and also servers in the UK, Amsterdam and Germany in Europe and an Australian location in Sydney. So for us in the UK, they work perfectly with their server locations making it available for you to host within the UK or in Germany/Amsterdam, if you want to play with your friends who live in Europe.


The prices were not the cheapest you can find from a game server host but still not too expensive. We felt like the price was fair because of the excellent service provided and the support and money-back guarantee that came with it. For comparison reasons, their cheapest Minecraft server that fits 4 player slots costs 5 USD, roughly £4.44 at the time of writing. Even

Others’ Experience with hosthavoc

On TrustPilot, HostHavoc has a rating of 4.9 with 1013 reviews. All the reviews mention their excellent service and quick response time on tickets, as well as their amazing performance to price ratio and extremely low downtime. 

The negative reviews are few and far between but often HostHavoc responds to it and tries to make it right, sometimes they make a mistake and correct it, and sometimes the users are impossible to please. So I would say that the number is so low amongst the thousands of good reviews and that when the bad review has merit, HostHavoc has always been there to answer for it and make it right. Overall, we deem this to be a very good sign of a serious provider.

Last Updated on May 13, 2023 by Linus – GSH