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Hello I’m Linus from GSH

Hello, I’m Linus, a seasoned gamer with years of first-hand experience in game server hosting. Since I bought my first PC at the age of 9, I’ve successfully managed and hosted close to a hundred servers with various hosting providers and through self-hosting. This has made me understand what sets different hosting providers apart and what ideal qualities you look for in a hosting provider.

By day, I’m knee-deep in the digital marketing realm, but my heart lies in the gaming and server hosting arena. This website is my passion project, where I dive into the world of game hosting services. My mission is simple: give you, the user, the lowdown on the best game server hosting options out there.

Sure, I get a bit of kickback when you use my referral links, but here’s the deal – my reviews are straight-up and impartial. I’m all about evaluating providers based on the quality of service, not just the cash flow. Each service provider undergoes my personal testing, though it does mean that some reviews are still a work in progress.

Beyond all the tech talk, I balance my life with the likes of hitting the gym, swinging a golf club, and sharing sweet moments with my girlfriend. And, of course, there’s always time for my favorite games – Dota 2, Valheim, Minecraft, The Forest, Raft, DayZ, and CS:GO.

Want to connect, collaborate, or just shoot the breeze about gaming? Drop me a line through the contact form below. Always up for making new connections and exploring exciting business ideas.


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