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Our rating of Gaming Deluxe is 4.5⭐

Gaming Deluxe

Gaming Deluxe is a hosting provider specializing in game server hosting. With the gaming community continually evolving, having a reliable and efficient game server host is paramount. This review aims to provide insights into the services offered by Gaming Deluxe based on several key factors.

Ease of Use

Gaming Deluxe seems to have a fully automated billing system which simplifies the payment process for the users. However, there’s a mention of a complicated game log that might affect the user experience negatively.

Server Uptime, Stability, and Hardware

The hosting provider boasts in-house dedicated game servers, NVME SSD, and a network uptime guarantee, promising better maintenance, speeds, and stable operation of services. The use of real rack-mounted servers instead of shuttle PCs further enhances quality and stability. Moreover, Gaming Deluxe uses the latest, highest clock speed processors to guarantee a lag-free experience.


Gaming Deluxe aims to offer very affordable quality game servers and has been praised for its competitive pricing which is seen as a positive aspect of their service. The basic package for Minecraft server hosting at Gaming Deluxe starts at £4.50/month and that’s for a 10-slot Minecraft server with 1GB of RAM, 2GB Costs £7.50 and 3 GB costs £10. You find options all the way to 32 GB of RAM, disc space up to 200 GB, and CPU clock speeds up too 5.4Hz. All packages include 100 GB SSD memory and 4.5hz CPU clock speed in the basic form. 

Gaming deluxe Minecraft page

Other People’s Experience with the Provider

Based on Trustpilot reviews, Gaming Deluxe has an excellent rating of 4.5 throughout 80 reviews, with many users praising the lack of downtime and great support. 

Here is an excerpt of one of the many positive comments:

“I ordered a Dedicated Server a week ago and it was provisioned within 15 minutes. I had a couple of issues when logging in and installing maps, the staff were on hand within 3 minutes on the ticket system to help. The server is fast, the network connection will do 900mbit down and up – there doesn’t appear to be anything bad to say!” – David Poole

What games do they offer hosting for?

Gaming Deluxe offers hosting for almost any game you can imagine. See the image for the full list of games hosted at Gaming Deluxe. (They really live up to their name)

All games gaming delluxe offer hosting for - List format.

What do we think about Gaming Deluxe?

Gaming Deluxe provides a mix of excellent hardware and competitive pricing. The potential complexity in navigating some of the features might be a downside for some users. However, the positive feedback from other users, especially regarding server uptime and customer support, reflects well on their reputation. The only reason we give Gaming Deluxe a 4.5 star instead of a 5-star rating is because the prices do not offer a low-end starting server for the smaller gaming crew. Not everyone who wants to host a server hosts it for 10 people. Maybe just 3-5 of their classmates. But if you are more than 8 people then I think Gaming Deluxe is the pick for you. 

Total Score from us at game server hosting UK lands at : 4.5 / 5

Discount Codes for Gaming Deluxe

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FAQ – Gaming Deluxe

Is Gaming Deluxe a good Game server provider?

Gaming Deluxe is an excellent game server provider, especially for medium to large party sizes. This is because they have great hardware and offer servers with amazing stability and efficiency. However, they will cost you at least £4.50. So there are better alternatives for those looking for a smaller 4-man server.

Does Gaming Deluxe offer good support?

Gaming Deluxe offers one of the best support experiences among all game server hosting providers. They have a vast knowledge base and a very quick and efficient support ticket system in place.

Is Gaming Deluxe based in the UK?

Yes, Gaming Deluxe is a UK-based game server hosting provider. But they offer their services in the entirety of Europe, Canada, and the USA as well.

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