Grid Hosting review

Our rating of Grid Hosting is 2⭐

Grid Hosting

Grid Hosting is made for easy access, but not with gamers as their target audience.

Ease of Use

Grid Hosting is noted for its beginner-friendly management, making it a comfortable choice for newcomers, mainly to web hosting. Its user interface is designed to be intuitive, which significantly lowers the learning curve for individuals unfamiliar with web hosting services.

Game hosting wise they do not offer much information or knowledge on their website. Other than that they tailor your server to you. Which can be a good thing of course, but how easy that is they do not promote.

Server Uptime, Stability, and Hardware

The server uptime is commendable with a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is industry standard. This suggests a high level of stability and reliability. Additionally, the hosting package includes unlimited bandwidth and storage, which are crucial for maintaining a stable website especially during traffic spikes. 


In full transparency and complete honesty. Grid hosting is one of the most expensive hosts out there. And we fail to understand why they are so expensive compared to other hosting providers. No matter if you plan to host for your friends or an entire community they are still very steeply priced. Even with their yearly billing discount and their largest package, they are still beaten by most game server hosting providers in terms of price per slot and price to performance.

We guess that they niche in enterprise servers and rent their servers to big companies or put the main focus on web hosting. 

Here is a look into their starter plans for Minecraft game server hosting:

Grid Hosting minecraft pricing table

Other People’s Experience with the Provider

Based on Trustpilot reviews, user experiences with Grid Hosting seem to vary. Some users have had positive experiences, praising the flexible plans and excellent support team, particularly for business customers in the UK. On the flip side, there has been criticism regarding their 30-day refund policy which some users found misleading.

What games do they offer hosting for?

Grid hosting does not display what selection of game server hosting they offer, instead, they offer tailored servers. This means you can probably setup just about any game server with their hosting solutions. 

What do we think about Grid Hosting?

Grid Hosting makes a strong case for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses looking for a hosting solution with a slew of beneficial features. However, the mixed reviews regarding customer service and refund policies suggest that there may be some areas of improvement. They seem to have a robust server infrastructure which is a plus, but potential customers should be cautious of the potential pitfalls as noted by some users. The pricing is also very different from most other game server hosting providers. 

Total Score from us at Game Server Hosting is: 2 / 5

Please note that the review is based on their service for Game servers only, and not their other services. 

FAQ – Grid Hosting

Is Grid Hosting a good Game server provider?

Grid hosting is a mediocre game server provider due to high prices and not much extra in terms of features or support to make up for the price range.

Does Grid Hosting offer good support?

Grid hosting offers similar support to other game server providers. You can start a ticket or look trough their knowledge base. This can often be enough, but since the prices are high we expected more support and service.

Is Grid hosting based in the UK?

Yes, Grid Hosting is UK based.

Why do you not have an affiliate link to Grid Hosting?

We deem Grid Hosting a somewhat lackluster game server hosting provider and even though they have a very well-paid affiliate program we do not want to sell their product since it is not made for gamers firsthand. Therefore we don’t promote them.

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