Affiliate Disclosure

We’re reaching out to all our awesome visitors, hoping for a little help. Some of you might know, and some might not, that our income comes from the game hosting companies we feature on our site. This helps us cover essential expenses, like:

Hosting: With loads of visitors and a complex website, our hosting bills can be a handful.
Development: Keeping this site in tip-top shape is a full-time gig.
Advertising: We need to spread the word to help as many folks as possible; otherwise, it’s like shouting in an empty room!
Content/News: To keep our news section fresh with well-researched stories, we’ve got some talented writers to pay.

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When you click through our price lists, there’s a good chance you’ll follow a link that gives us a small cut from the sale you make. The game hosting companies do this to say thanks for sending you their way.


You might wonder if this is a bit sketchy, but it’s not. Many hosting comparison sites prioritize who pays the most. Even Google AdWords works that way.

But here at GSH, our price lists aren’t ranked by who pays the most. They’re sorted by our review of the price-to-performance ratio or by the cheapest price among the game server providers.


To help us out, just click a “Buy Now” link on our price list. This lets us know you’re one of our visitors. When you buy your server, we get a little credit, which keeps this site running.

Will It Cost You More?
Nope, using our site won’t make your game server more expensive. We’re all about finding you the best prices, so you save some cash.

Privacy Check
We can’t see your personal info before or after a sale. All we know is what we can guess from your IP address, like your location, which helps us show you the right stuff for your area.

Does the affiliate revenue come from the user renting a server?

No, the hosting provider pays us to acquire their customers. See it as a form of marketing fee. We do not get paid from the cash you spend on your server and using our links will cost you exactly the same as if you were to purchase it directly from the provider’s website.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is basically the art of selling someone else’s products and getting paid for the time put into marketing the products. It’s a way for companies to branch out and increase their brand recognition as well as only pay per customer they receive compared to paying for every view, lead, or ad placement.

Are you biased in your reviews?

No, GSH is made by gamers for gamers and does not place revenue over service. Our goal is to create the best and most unbiased reviews possible for all gamers in the UK.

Last Updated on October 22, 2023 by Linus – GSH