ScalaCube hosting review

Our rating of ScalaCube Hosting: 5⭐

ScalaCube Hosting

ScalaCube Hosting offers plenty of game servers and hosting for many games at great prices and with options for great performance in every region of the world.

Ease of access

ScalaCube is by far the most user-friendly hosting option I have experienced so far and I would say that their ease of access rating is close to unbeatable, not only is everything crystal clear from the moment you get onto their site but also setting up servers and downloading mods with one click install is made with extreme ease as their admin panel is straightforward and simple. I have to say this is the easiest and most straight forward server hosting provider by far. Well done ScalaCube! 

Server uptime and stability

When I tried the ScalaCube server I figured I would put them to an actual test and use their free Minecraft server with only one slot and build as much random stuff at as many corners of the map as possible to see if their hosting hardware could handle it on the free version. And I was pleasantly surprised that I encountered no issues at all no matter how much I built or how many TNT I lighted up at once. There was no lag or server downtime or crashes when I used ScalaCube.


The cheapest package for a Minecraft server with more than one slot is their 768 MB 10-slot server that will run you as little as £1.80/month. This is far lower than any of the competition and I must say that I have no idea how ScalaCube can have these cheap prices with high performance when their competitors price in at about £5-7 for a 1000 MB server with 4-8 slots.

And if you’re looking for a bigger server you can get a 32 GB RAM, 600 SLOT server for only £87.55/month. That’s only £0.1459 PER SLOT!

That is absolutely incredible. And the best part is that the price per slot stays consistent at £0.14 per slot for the smaller packages down to their server of 8 GB RAM, 150 slots for £21.80/Month and the even smaller servers still come in cheap at between £0.18-0.16/per slot.

The price-to-performance ratio of ScalaCube servers is basically unbeatable by the competition. Good job ScalaCube!

Others’ Experience with ScalaCube

When we looked into what other people think about ScalaCube on TrustPilot we could clearly see that they were a quality server provider from their score of 4.6 out of 5 based on 3018 reviews. Many of the reviews referenced the ease of use and great tutorials on how to setup their servers that were provided, the users also stated that the service was exceptional and had quick response times much similar to my own experience of ScalaCube.

The few bad reviews on TrustPilot were all basically based around their free Minecraft server being a false advertisement because it only contained 1 slot and didn’t make it possible for people to play together with friends. To this, I will say that those people are just (censored). They explain the use of their 1-slot free Minecraft server well enough for it to be understood its meant to be used as a trial to see if you want to buy a server from them or not, or maybe to just enjoy yourself if you would like to have a personal server you can log on to from anywhere. And i think this is very generous of them to offer to begin with so I will disregard all of these bad reviews in my judgment of ScalaCube.

They crushed it, well done ScalaCube 5/5 stars from us at

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