Trolls are a great resource for their skin/leather since it gives you the first armour in the game that also has an added sneak bonus, this armour is very nice early into the game and therefore killing a few trolls might be a good way to start out. The recommended method to kill trolls is with a ranged weapon since they hit hard and it’s much easier to kill them by kiting them with a bow than to fight them whilst right underneath them. 

Where can I find trolls? 

Trolls can be found in the black forest biome, a good way to scout them out is to walk along the edge of the biome so that you don’t have to enter it completely since there are tougher enemies there. This method is however not as effective as getting into the black forest biome and looking for troll caves since they most often have a troll either around or inside them. 

Killing a troll in Valheim

As stated before the best method to kill trolls is to kite them and shoot them with a bow and arrows, use the best bow you can get and the best arrows too. When you’re killing a troll with a bow and arrow you should try to keep your stamina up so you can always run away from him and not spend all your stamina on shooting and be unable to run when he is on top of you, this is because firing the bow takes stamina too. 

The Two Types of trolls

There are trolls with and without a club, this is important to note since the trolls with a club won’t throw stones at you when you’re kiting him and the one without a club will stop and pick up rocks he will throw at you. Against trolls without a club, you need to always be moving a little and should not stop completely when firing the arrows at him, this may lead to him landing a rock throw on you. The trolls who have a club are easier to kite but can also be manoeuvred to chop down trees for you if you lure the troll to them, it can be an efficient way to clean up trees around the area or to acquire core wood and fine wood without having an axe that is strong enough to chop it down. 

What is troll hide used for?

Troll hide is used to craft the troll armour set, this set gives a bonus to sneak by +15 and is very light for your character to wear, it also gives 19 armour which is not bad in the early stages of the game. To craft the full set you will need 25 troll hides and 13 bone fragments.

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