Moder is a boss in the game Valheim. It is a large dragon that is found in the ice mountains biome. Moder is said to be an embodiment of the cold and ice of the realm of Niflheim. In the game, players must defeat Moder in order to obtain its trophy and unlock the ability to craft certain items.

Preparing for the cold

The best way to sustain in the frost biome is to have cold resistance mead, you can make this mead you need to make it in a fermenter and the following items are required.

  • Honey x10
  • Thistle x5
  • Bloodbag x2
  • Greydwarf eye x1

The mead will take 6 days to ferment and gives you immunity to the Cold effect and Freezing Effect for 10 minutes as long as your character does not get wet. 

You should not solely rely on frost resistance however, you should also create the wolf armor out of iron and wolf pelt. This will make your character handle the cold better as well. 

Finding Moder

Finding Moder’s altar is done the same way as with the previous bosses, you will need to look through the snowy mountains for stone tablets, once you find a stone tablet that gives you the location of Moder’s summoning altar you will get it marked on your map. You will also need to find the items required to summon her. 

Summoning Moder

To summon Moder you will need to find 3 wyvern/dragon eggs in the frost biome and bring these to the summoning altar. You can bring them one at a time since they are very heavy and will need to be carried one at a time, you can possibly carry two but then you will need the giant’s girdle and have a close to empty inventory to not become encumbered. 

These eggs are found in nests around the mountains biome, these are often guarded by a pair of drakes so it could be smart to search for these eggs by looking for where the drakes are since these mobs are easier to spot than the eggs laid between rocks in the nests.

Preparing for Combat

When preparing to fight Moder you should acquire the best gear available, this is the wolf iron armor that you have unlocked by killing Bonemass and gathering iron from the swamp biome. You should also carry frost resistance potions since these are very helpful to both Moders frost attacks and the climate you will be fighting in.

Make sure you have good food available for the fight such as sausages and other meals prepared in the cauldron or cooked over fire. This will increase your much-needed health pool and stamina for the boss fight.

As for weapons Moder is weak to fire damage and poison and since she spends a lot of the fight in the air the best tactic is to attack her with fire arrows fired from a bow or poison arrows. Mele attacks work well on Moder but since she alternates between fighting on land and in the air it’s recommended you have a ranged weapon with you for the time she spends flying in the fight. 

Moder attacks

Barrage: When Moder is fighting in the air she will shoot a rain of ice projectiles at you, these are linear and will follow their path making them somewhat simple to dodge. Be cautious though since these explode upon landing and cover a wider area of effect than the direct impact. The frosty projectiles spawn ice shards when they land and deal 30 pierce damage to the player.

Melee: When Moder lands on the ground she uses a melee attack in form of either a claw or bite motion, these do 110 slash damage and should be blocked with a shield if you choose to fight her in melee range when she is on the ground. The best is to avoid them completely by rolling back out of her path.

Breath of ice: When Moder is on the ground she might also fire away a frost breath in a cone dealing 200 frost damage. This is best avoided altogether by hiding behind something or dodging out of the way. 

3 Tips to make fighting Moder easier

  1. Moder is often located at the peak of a mountain or at a high point, if your base is not nearby it might be a good idea to make a portal to the boss altar so you easily can teleport back and collect your items if you should die during the encounter. 
  1. Another good thing to do is to craft extra frost resistance potions and leave them at your respawn point, this way you can use a potion of frost resistance and be safer to retrieve your items when youre going back to the fight. 
  1. Poison arrows have shown to work great against Moder and make it possible for you to just shoot arrows to poison her and kite her attacks whilst the poison drains away her health slowly. 

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