A pickaxe is needed to mine ore and to progress into the higher tiers of weapons and armor in Valheim. How to get your first pickaxe might not be intuitive to the player since most survival games offer the pickaxe as a starting recipe, Valheim does not, and instead, the player will first need to kill the boss Eikthyr to acquire it. See our Eikthyr Guide here. 

Unlocking the Pickaxe in Valheim

To unlock the Pickaxe the player needs to slay Eikthyr and gather his antlers (hard antlers) to unlock the recipe to craft the first pickaxe. 

First Pickaxe

Crafting a Pickaxe in Valheim

Crafting the pickaxe is simple, and the first pickaxe made from the hard antlers is simply crafted with a workbench. You just need 10 wood and 1 hard antler to make it in the workbench. To craft the later pickaxes you will need a smithy and then upgrade the smithy to craft the higher-tier pickaxes. Here’s a short list of requirements for the different pickaxes in Valheim.

Antler pickaxe – 10x wood and 1x hard antler (made in workbench)

Bronze pickaxe – 3x core wood and 10x bronze (made in smithy)

Bronze is smelted in the forge from copper and tin.

Iron Pickaxe – 3x core wood 10x iron (made in smithy)

Iron is smelted in the forge from scrap iron found in the swamp.

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