If you want to learn; how to breed pals in Palworld? Then you have come to the right place. First of all, to breed pals you need to be at least level 19 for all the different tech and recipe unlocks, then you simply make a farm and give the two pals you choose for breeding a piece of cake to make love with. Yeah, I know it sounds a bit confusing, let me explain pal breeding in depth. If you want the quick answers and not the information on where to find all the materials or prerequisites then you can read only the TLDR text in bold.

How to make the “Breeding farm” building in Palworld

To make the breeding farm in Palworld and be able to start the journey to breeding more and more powerful pals you first of all need to be level 19 and unlock the technology and be able to build it.

The cost of the Breeding farm is 100x wood, 20x stone, and 50x fiber. You can get both wood and fiber from chopping down trees and the stone from either mining it or gathering it from the ground.

You need level 19 to unlock the breeding farm and the building cost is: 

  • 100x wood
  • 20x stone
  • 50x fiber
Palworld breeding farm technology

Prerequisites for making a cake to breed in Palworld

Now once the breeding farm has been built what you need to do to make pals breed is to have the storage box that comes attached to the breeding farm contain some cake. You can make cake once you reach level 17 and get access to the “Cooking pot”, you can use later cooking tech too and it’s recommended you use as high-level cooking tech as possible since it will increase the work speed and help you make cakes faster.

What you need to make the cooking pot is 20x Wood, 15x Ingots, and 3 Flame organ. The wood you can chop down with your fists or your axe and is simple to acquire. The ingots require that you first mine the ores, they are easy to find and all you need is a stone pickaxe to start breaking ore, if you need help finding ore there is a good guide on that you can read here. You then need two ores per ingot so you need to fetch at least 30. To melt them you also need a primitive furnace, you can craft it for 20 wood, 50 stone, and 3 flame organs, you also need a pal with the kindling skill (a fire pal). Once you’ve crafted the primitive furnace and gotten your 15 ore all you have left is the flame organ, which you can get by killing or capturing fire pals usually there is plenty of Foxparks near your starting zone and first base that are good for farming these. 


Prepare a cooking pot for cake production, the cooking pot costs:

  • 20x wood
  • 15x ingots
  • 3x flame organ
Cooking pot technology for making Cake to breed with in Palworld

Ingredients needed to start making cakes

To make the cake you need a lot of ingredients and a few buildings to refine the ingredients further. What you will need is 5x Flour, 8x Red Berries, 7 Milk, 8 Eggs, and 2 Honey. Some of these materials are easier to get than others so let us start with the hardest ones first. 


To make one cake you need the following ingredients

  • 5x Flour
  • 8x Red Berries
  • 7x Milk
  • 8x Eggs
  • 2x Honey
Image of ingredients for making a cake to breed pals with

Getting honey in Palworld

Honey is easiest to find from killing or catching Cinnamoth’s or Beegarde’s and if you have just reached level 19 and want to start breeding it’s recommended that you look for Cinnamoth since the pal can be found at as low level as 20. You find the vast majority of them in Cinnamoth forest at coordinates -75,-272. 


To get honey you need to catch or kill “Cinnamoth’s” or “Beegarde’s” at coordinates: -75,-272

Getting milk in Palworld

To get milk you need to find Mozzarina, Mozzarina’s are cow-like pals you can find a little west of the Bamboo grove fast travel. You can also find them for sale at wandering pal traders and if you happen to run past one it is always good to see if they have anything good to buy. Once you have the Mozzarina pal you simply put it to work in the ranch in your base and it will start making milk for you.


To get Milk in Palworld you need to catch a Mozzarina a bit west of Bamboo Grove fast travel and have it work the ranch in your base. 

Getting Flour in Palworld

To get flour you need to plant wheat in a wheat plantation and then use it with the mill to make flour. So to start this process you need to be level 15 to learn the technology for the Wheat plantation and the mill.

To make the wheat plantation you need 35x Wood and 35x Stone. It’s simple to make but you also need to find wheat seeds to start planting. You can get Wheat seeds as a random drop for killing pals or by buying them from a wandering merchant. You don’t need pals to work the plantation but it is recommended since it takes time, the pal skills you need active at your base are; “Planting”, “Farming”, “Watering”, and “Transporting”.

Once you’ve planted and harvested the Wheat you also need a mill. To make a mill you simply need 50x Wood and 40x Stone and you can start milling your wheat into flour. 


  1. Build a wheat plantation, what you need is:
    1. 35x wood
    2. 35x stone
    3. 3x wheat seeds (drops from random pals or sold by wandering merchants)
  1. Make a mill, what you need is:
    1. 50x wood
    2. 40x stone
  1. Harvest wheat and grind it in the mill for flour. 

Getting eggs in Palworld

Eggs are fairly simple to get, all you need is to either kill or catch “Chikipi” pals, they are often in abundance in the starting zone and not to hard at all to get ahold of. However, if you’re in an area where they are harder to find you can also use your pals to produce them if you put a Chikipi to work at the ranch in your base. 

TLDR: Kill or catch Chikipi for eggs, you can also have them produce eggs at your base ranch

Getting red berries in Palworld

Red berries can be found in any zone in Palworld and especially the starting zone is known for having many red berry bushes, when you pick these berries you also get seeds. These seeds you then can plant when you learn the red berries farm technology. You can also get red berries from killing or catching the pals “Caprity” and “Cattiva” and the Caprity can even be assigned to the ranch to make it produce berries of its back. 

TLDR: You can get red berries from bushes you can find anywhere or you can farm the seeds, you can also ranch them with the Caprity pal.

Make your cakes and place them in the “Breeding Farm”

Now when you have all the ingredients for making cakes you can simply start cooking them on your cooking pot together with a pal proficient with the kindling skill. Cakes take a long time to make and the better the kindling skill is on your pal the quicker they are created so get the best one you have. Once the cake has been made you as previously mentioned place it in the storage box attached to the breeding farm. 

TLDR: Make and place your cakes in the breeding farm storage box

Storage box for breeding farm to place cake inside of.

Pal requirements for breeding

To successfully breed pals after you have gotten the breeding farm and cakes in order all you need to do is make sure that you have one male and one female pal both assigned to the breeding farm. Any 2 pals can be bred and after they are done they will leave you with an egg that inherits qualities from the two parent pals.

To hatch this egg you need an incubator which requires 1 ancient technology to learn. You get ancient technology from killing Syndicate tower bosses and also from defeating Alpha pals, which are minibosses you can find in the world.

To make the egg incubator once you have learned it you need the following materials; 30x stone, 5x cloth, 2x Ancient Civilization Parts (can be collected from Alpha bosses, Dungeon bosses, Lucky Pals, and rare chests). 

Now just place your egg in the incubator and wait for it to hatch!

TLDR: Assign male and female pal to the breeding farm, any 2 pals can breed. You need an incubator for hatching eggs that drop from breeding pals. 

Dragon type pal in breeding farm

Picking the right pals to breed

Pals in Palworld all have different stats and abilities, it is preferable to breed pals who have stats you desire to make them into the optimal pal. Each pal has three main stats; “Attack”, “Defence”, and “Work Speed”. These traits can be optimized by breeding for example high attack stat pals with other high attack stat pals in hopes of getting an offspring with high attack stats as well. You can also breed pals with other pals to optimize what passive skills they have and you can even through chain breeding move the passives of boss pals onto normal pals.

You can also discover new pals through breeding and some are only obtainable through breeding, there are breeding calculators online that you can have a look at here to learn more about what mix of pals creates what type of offspring. 

TLDR: You can optimize pal stats and create and discover new pals through selective breeding. 

That’s it, Now you’re ready to breed pals in Palworld and create the most powerful pals in the game! Thanks for reading this guide and have fun in Palworld. 😀

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