In Palworld the biggest gatekeeper to your progression is your level as you have a much lower chance of catching higher-level pals and defeating bosses or pals that are higher than you due to the damage scaling of the game. Therefore leveling up is one of the key factors to keep cruising through the game of Palworld and seeing every corner of it. So buckle up cause we are gonna show you how to level up quickly, so let’s get started. 

Palworld Experiance gain from crafting
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The best way to gain XP in Palworld

In Palworld you can earn experience in different ways and in the beginning, you earn pretty decent XP just from crafting, gathering, and killing enemies. However, after you have made it past the first 10 levels in Palworld the leveling from these methods does not give you the most optimal experience rates for leveling quickly. Since the main goal of Palworld is to capture and nurture your pals it makes sense that the best rates of experience come from just that, namely catching pals.

Apart from catching pals being a great source of experience in general you also get a bonus for catching your first 10 pals of one kind that is essential to maximize if you want to level up quickly.

methods to getting the best XP rates from catching pals

There are a few ways to make leveling fast a quite simple process in Palworld, the most important part is to take advantage of the previously mentioned XP bonus from catching the first 10 pals of the same kind. Here are the best ways to do it.

First Catch the starting pals

In the starting zone, you will find easy pals that are level 1-5 in the form of Lamballs, Chikipi, Cremis, Cattivas, and Foxparks. Catching each of these 10 times is the fastest way to get huge amounts of experience from the initial 10 bonuses, and since you’re catching these lower-level pals you also don’t have to use as many Pokemon balls, *cough* I mean… Pal Spheres. This is the most effective method and if you’re like me at a high level already then using a club as a weapon is a good way to make sure you don’t accidentally kill them when you’re trying to weaken them before you throw your sphere.

Next step – Hunt in the night

When you have gained your 10 catch bonus on all the starting pals then it is a good idea to do the same thing but during nighttime. During the night new pals appear and you get the chance to catch pals like Hookcrates, Depresso, and Daedream.

leveling fast in the later stages of Palworld

In the later stages of Palworld when you’re getting up to higher levels one of the best methods for leveling up is incubating eggs. This is because the incubated eggs tend to spawn pals you do not yet have the 10x catch bonus for, which makes it a reliable source of experience even when finding new pals to catch becomes harder. So it might be a good idea to save the eggs you pick up on your exploration and build a few incubators later in the game.

OBS: You can get the incubator from killing the first boss at the end of the starting tutorial which gives you a piece of ancient knowledge you can use to learn the egg incubator.

An image showing where you spend your ancient knowledge to learn the egg incubator

That was all for our guide on how to level fast in Palworld, I hope you got the answers you were looking for!

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