After the initial hype and the dust has settled, many gamers late to the massive explosion may find themselves wondering: Is Palworld worth buying/playing? I have taken to Reddit to see the actual opinions of gamers and to answer this question. So let us find out.

What is Palworld and what is the game about? 

Palworld is a survival crafting game in its core that has taken a lot of inspiration from games like ARK and Valheim. With their big open world exploration and crafting and base building elements. Palworld functions alot like ARK in the way Pals work as helpers you get for either making your base better or using them to fight with in boss arenas. You can also craft better gear and weapons much similar to how ARK works, and you also get tech upgrades when you level up and learn the blueprints. The biggest difference is that instead of dinosaurs you catch pokémon like pals that have different abilities, stats, and skills.

So if you are the type of player who has sunken many hours into ARK survival evolved then Palworld will be right up your street!

Is Palworld fun?

Palworld has entertained millions of players and their player base does not look like it’s about to slow down anytime soon. Most likely we will see Palworld become a timeless title just like their inspiration ARK. Personally, I had a blast playing Palworld and I still do. I think you will have a hard time finding a person who has played the game who would honestly say that Palworld is not a fun game. 

What does the people think about palworld? (Reddit)

Mostly the people on Reddit like the game and here are a few statements from the users on r/shouldibuythisgame. 

A survival game fan thought that it was a well-made game with lots of fun in it and that they really liked Palworld.

User Nerdobiffer said this:

“It’s really, really good. Lot of features, very well polished, and the fun of running an animal slave camp and arming them with guns to harvest other animals is just incredibly funny.

The gameplay is what it is. If you like what you see on videos, you’ll like the game. But other than that – it’s a pretty standard survival game. Depends on what you’re looking for.

For me, I’m not a big survival game fan – loved Valheim, but not many others. I really like Palworld because it’s so fun to mess with the animals and people on the map, so I’m totally on board. All depends on your preference!”

A more casual user response was that it was simply a great game to play with friends:

User Mudkipl said that:
“I’ve seen people have meltdowns over the game and I really don’t know why. It’s a fun mix of ark and Pokémon that is enjoyable with friends. I’m not sure about single player but I have had fun in multiplayer with it.”

And solo players were quick to shime in with their opinions too. 

User DrBaldingMD replied to Mudkipl: “All my playtime so far has been solo and I’m still having a great time with it”

Even the more sceptic review was still a good one, so id say that the gamers agree on one thing. Palworld is fun and worth playing!

A more sceptical user PicusBr had this to say about Palworld: 

“My opinionis that individual aspects of the game are kind of rough. The building isn’t very fun or well done (it’s ok), the animations are subpar, the world seems a little bland, and the combat (Pals aside isn’t that great).

That said, everything realy comes together in a spectacular way and allows for some incredibly unique gameplay experiences through emergant gameplay. This is partly due to the vast number of systems in the game… well over 100 pals that have combat abilities that are unique and differnet base support abilities as well as needs, and all kinds of things freely interacting with one another.

This makes it a really fun experience even if it realy isn’t that well polished. Everyone is having too much fun to notice lol. It’s also on GamePass if the price seems a little high atm :)” 

Is Palworld worth buying and playing?

The general consensus of the gamer community on Reddit is that Palworld is worth buying and playing. The cost of the game ($30) is worthwhile since you will most likely get many hours of fun in Palworld. And since the game has become such a big hit it is also quite safe to assume that gameplay updates and more content in the form of maps and new pals definitely will be brought into the game.

So: Yes, palworld is worth buying and playing! 

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