Palworld is a survival game that has exploded in the last few days, and to many players, the adventures in Palworld are meaningless unless you can share them with your friends. But how do you play Palworld with your friends? In this post, we will show you two different methods for playing Palworld with friends.

Palworld multiplayer - Multiple friends playing palworld together.
Playing Palworld with friends!

Hosting a multiplayer server on your PC

The first option for playing Palworld with friends is to host a server locally on your PC. The upside of this method is that it is a fast and fairly simple way to play Palworld with your friends, however, this method currently has a lot of issues with lag and your friends can only play whilst the host is playing and if the host has to leave then the server will shut down.

Hosting a local Palworld server step-by-step

  1. Log in and create a world: Start the Palworld game and go into the world creation option on the top of the main title menu.
  2. Make sure multiplayer is enabled: When you create a world you need to check the box for “multiplayer” to being “on”.
  3. Find the invite code: Log on to the world and create a character, once in the world you can access the options menu by pressing “Escape” and an invite code will be available on the first page.
  4. Your friends can join! Copy the invite code and share it with your friends. They can then navigate to the “Multiplayer World (invite code)” option on the menu and paste the code to join your server.

In conclusion
Playing Palworld with your friends is a simple process and it’s very straightforward to enable multiplayer for your world and invite your friends with the invite code from the options menu!

Video: How to host a local world for playing Palworld with friends

Video Guide: how to host a multiplayer Palworld server

Using a dedicated server for playing Palworld with friends!

Many gamers, especially those in groups exceeding two participants, often find that playing multiplayer survival games such as Palworld is most enjoyable when utilizing a dedicated server. A dedicated server is a gaming server provided by a professional company that manages the server for you, ensuring its availability for you and your fellow gamers at your convenience. This setup allows you and your friends to engage in gameplay without the need to wait for someone to log on and initiate the server for others to join.

One notable advantage of employing a dedicated server is the significant reduction in lag, enhancing the overall gaming experience compared to hosting the game independently. While it is important to note that hosting a dedicated comes with a monthly cost, the benefits of seamless and accessible gameplay make it a worthwhile investment for larger groups of players, typically four or more individuals, who desire the flexibility to play at any given time.

How to choose and set up a dedicated game server for Palworld?

  1. Research Hosting Providers: Visit our page comparing Palworld game server providers to find a reliable and suitable option for your dedicated game server needs.
  2. Select Hosting Plan: Choose a plan that fits your budget and your needs for the Palworld server hosting. Typically look at how many players you are and the slots of the server provider’s Palworld hosting package to figure out what is a good fit for you.
  3. Set up the Palworld Server: Most providers have a very quick and easy setup process for your game servers. So simply follow the steps at the Palworld hosting providers checkout page. During this stage, you often do things such as: Customize server settings, implement passwords, and set permissions to control access and create a secure gaming environment.
  4. Invite your friends and go! Now simply invite your friends to the Palworld server and you should be up and running in no time! Enjoy your gaming!

Are you in search of Palworld server hosting?

At Game Server Hosting (GSH) we compare server hosting providers and have just completed our comparison for game server hosting for Palworld. So if you’re in the market for a Palworld dedicated server you can compare and find the best Palworld server hosting here!

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