What is Eikthyr?

Eikthyr is a boss enemy in the game Valheim. It is the first boss that players encounter in the game and is located in the Meadows region. Eikthyr is a powerful deer-like creature with antlers that can shoot lightning bolts. Defeating Eikthyr rewards players with the possibility to make their first pickaxe to progress in the game.

How to find and kill Eikthyr

  1. To find Eikthyr, you will need to travel to the Meadows region in the game. This is typically the starting area and can be found on the map.
  1. Once you are in the Meadows, look for the Eikthyr boss location on your map. This is typically marked by a large, red circle and will be in the center of the region. (To get this mark on your map you will need to look at the stone tablets placed around in the meadows until it points you to Eikthyr’s location.)
  1. Approach the boss’s location and prepare for battle. Eikthyr is a powerful enemy and will require you to be well-equipped and ready for combat. Effective weapons for this are the spear and bow, you can throw the spear and also wield a shield with it. 
  1. Engage Eikthyr in battle and use your weapons and abilities to defeat it. This may require multiple attempts and may be challenging, but with perseverance, you can defeat Eikthyr and claim its rewards.
  1. Once Eikthyr is defeated, you can claim its rewards and move on to other challenges and adventures in the game.

Eikthyr fight

Eikthyr is a strong stag and has 3 spells that he uses during the fight at random intervals. You can block the melee attack and using a bow whilst kiting Eikthyr and attacking him with ranged is a very efficient way to bring him down. Don’t forget to eat before the fight so you have full stamina and health.  

First spell (headbutt): Eikthyr swings his antlers at you in a form of a melee hit that deals 20 piercing damage. This attack can be blocked by a shield and negate most of the damage.

Second spell (lightning-bolt): Eikthyr shoots lightning in a straight line forward hitting everyone in its path for 15 lightning damage.

Third spell (lightning stomp): Eikthyr stomps the ground, creating a nova of thunder dealing 15 lightning damage to anyone in its radius.

What to do after Eikthyr is killed?

After you’ve killed Eikthyr you can craft your first pickaxe which enables you to mine Copper and Tin. These materials will allow you to make Bronze and move out of the stoneage. Bronze is very efficient and strong weaponry early in the game and your focus should be to get gear and weapons in bronze before taking on the next boss Bonemass.

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