V Rising has taken the world of gaming by storm since its release, adding an invigorating twist to the traditional survival genre by inviting players to step into the shoes of a powerful vampire lord. Now, with the recent Gloomrot update, the game has become even more thrilling. This update introduces a range of new features, improvements, and enhancements, offering an enriched playing experience that engages players on an entirely new level. Notably, the Gloomrot update invites us to explore a darker and more mystical corner of the game world, uncovering secrets, battling new foes, and discovering powerful items.

The entire map of V rising has increased in size and the new zone Glommrot is split into north and south and offers a 5th zone for players (not counting the small zone of Hallowed mountains.)

To help you find your way in V rising we have gathered the new and updated maps on this page for you and your clan!

New full-size V-rising map

Credit to Guided.news for the full map image

Gloomrot map

Gloomrot map, map over the full zone of gloomrot. North and south parts.
Credit to primagames.com for the Gloomrot Map image

Interactive V rising map – Gloomrot updated!

Finding an interactive V-rising map for Gloomrot is simple and there are plenty of ones to choose from, we recommend the following interactive Gloomrot map! : https://vrising-map.com/

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