Welcome to V Rising, an immersive game where you’ll embark on a thrilling journey as a powerful vampire. As a new player, it’s important to grasp certain mechanics and strategies that can give you an edge in the game. This beginner’s guide is designed to provide you with essential tips and tricks to help you navigate the dark realms of V Rising with confidence. Get ready to sharpen your fangs and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

Tip 1: Blood type matters

Different blood types in V Rising hold varying qualities and provide unique bonuses to your character. Choose a blood type that aligns with your specialization and preferred playstyle. Whether you prefer enhanced strength, agility, or magical abilities, selecting the right blood type can significantly impact your success in the game. These are the bonuses for the different blood types:

  1. Creature:
  • Movement speed: Increased speed, allowing for swift traversal of the game world.
  • Sun resistance: Reduced vulnerability to sunlight, granting more freedom during daylight hours.
  • Damage reduction: Enhanced resilience, reducing incoming damage from enemies.
  • Health regeneration: Improved natural healing, allowing for faster recovery in and out of combat.
  1. Brute:
  • Leech on main attack: Healing effect when landing successful basic attacks, allowing for self-sustain.
  • Attack speed bonus and 1 Gear level increase: Increased attack speed for faster combat and an early gear level advantage.
  • Healing received increase: Enhanced effectiveness of healing effects from various sources.
  • Chance to gain a temporal speed boost when regaining HP: Temporary increase in movement speed after healing, providing a burst of mobility.
  1. Warrior:
  • Increased physical power: Enhanced strength and damage output in physical combat.
  • Reduced cooldown on weapon skills: Faster cooldowns for weapon-specific abilities, enabling more frequent use.
  • Reduced damage taken: Improved damage mitigation, decreasing the impact of enemy attacks.
  • Increased damage on enemies with full health: Bonus damage dealt to enemies with full health, granting an advantage in the early stages of combat.
  • 15% chance to parry and reduce damage by 50%: Chance to block and mitigate a significant portion of incoming damage.
  1. Rogue:
  • Increased Critical strike chance on weapon attacks: Heightened probability of landing critical strikes, dealing increased damage.
  • Increased movement speed: Greater swiftness and agility, enabling faster movement during exploration and combat.
  • Reduced cooldown on travel skill and 100% crit chance on attack after using travel skill: Faster cooldowns for travel-related abilities and guaranteed critical hits after using them.
  • 50% chance on hit to expose enemy weak spot, increasing damage dealt to them: Chance to inflict a debuff on enemies, amplifying damage against them for a limited duration.
  1. Scholar:
  • Increased spell power: Augmented magical potency, enhancing the effectiveness of spellcasting.
  • Reduced cooldown on spells: Quicker cooldowns for spellcasting abilities, allowing for more frequent use.
  • Spell lifesteal: Healing effect when dealing damage with spells, providing self-sustain during magical combat.
  • 20% chance to reset spell cooldowns on cast: Chance to instantly refresh the cooldowns of spells after casting, enabling rapid successive spellcasting.
  1. Mutant:
  • 25-50% reduced blood drain rate: Slower consumption of blood, increasing the duration of shapeshifting abilities.
  • 10-25% increased resistance to all things: Enhanced resistance against various forms of damage and negative effects.
  • 10-20% increase in movement speed while shapeshifting: Greater speed and agility while in shapeshifted forms.
  • 40% chance to convert the victim into a random mutant when killing them with a bite: Chance to transform defeated enemies into mutant allies, bolstering your forces.

These unique bonuses associated with each blood type allow players to customize their playstyle and adapt to different challenges in V Rising. Find the blood type that aligns with your desired approach and unlock its inherent advantages as you build your characters strength.

Tip 2: Build a Base Fast and Move It Later:

In PvP worlds where you have 30 minutes of PvP immunity, it’s crucial to act swiftly. Build a quick and simple base to gain access to the copper mine before the PvP protection wears off. This allows you to progress to the next gear level with minimal risk, giving you a competitive advantage over other players. Later, you can relocate your base to a more strategically advantageous location.

tip 3: Find out what weapon combos are good

Understanding and mastering weapon combos can give you a considerable advantage in combat. Experiment with different weapon combinations to find those that synergizes well with your chosen abilities. For example, the slicer and spear combo allows you to incapacitate opponents with the slicer’s second ability, then deliver a powerful nuke with the spear’s first ability. Other strong combos include axes and mace, axes and greatsword, and sword and mace. There are plenty more weapon combos you can read about!

Tip 4: Use the force(ms)

Make the most of the various forms available to your vampire character. Each form offers unique advantages and can be used strategically. For example, when fleeing a dangerous encounter, switching to bear form can provide extra durability and help you gain distance before morphing into your travel form.
Another very useful form is the rat form, obtained from the putrid rat boss in the vermin nest, which can be utilized to stay camouflaged and hidden from players while waiting in ambush or laying low near bosses.

Tip 5: Obtain Multiple Sets of Gear:

Progressing in a PvP world requires preparedness for setbacks. Ensure you have multiple sets of gear ready to use when needed. This way, if you die or encounter difficulties, you can quickly retrieve backup gear and continue your journey without starting from scratch. Always aim to have at least one backup set of gear before challenging other players or attempting to defeat powerful bosses.

Tip 6: Save those seeds:

Save time and effort by establishing resource farms at your base. Start growing flowers, cotton, and other valuable resources that you may require during your gameplay. Having a personal cotton farm, for example, can provide a steady supply of materials and save you from having to search for them elsewhere.

Tip 7: Know Your Neighbors:

In a populated server, staying informed about the activities of neighboring players and factions is crucial. Understanding their intentions, alliances, and goals can provide valuable information and help you strategize your own moves. Knowledge is power in the world of V Rising, and being aware of your surroundings can give you a significant advantage in warfare.

Tip 8: Learn and find good Spell Combos:

Just like weapon combos, spell combinations in V Rising can be devastating. Experiment with different spell combinations to find those that synergize well with your playstyle. For example, the Freezing Bat spell combined with the Arctic Leap spell can allow you to freeze enemies in place and then deliver a powerful divebomb attack, this is just one of many powerful spell combos and good PVP builds. Mastering these powerful spell combos will greatly enhance your edge when it comes to PVP battles.

Tip 9: Stay Patient and Focused:

V Rising can be a challenging and sometimes unforgiving game. It’s important to stay calm, maintain realistic expectations, and avoid frustration. Remember that there are experienced players who have been playing since the game’s release, and defeating them may take time and practice. Be patient with yourself, focus on improving your skills, and enjoy the learning process.

Tip 10: Practice in Duelling Servers:

To improve your PvP skills, take advantage of dueling servers designed specifically for practice. Seek out servers like “Fightclub” and engage in duels to sharpen your combat abilities. Regular practice will help you become more comfortable and skilled in PvP encounters, increasing your chances of success in the game.

Get better at V rising PVP with these tips and tricks!

Embrace the exhilarating world of V Rising PvP and get ready for endless excitement and thrilling battles! These valuable tips and tricks are your stepping stones to becoming a formidable vampire player. With each bloodline choice, base-building strategy, weapon and spell combo, and wise utilization of forms, you’ll unleash your full potential in the game. As you gather multiple sets of gear, cultivate resources, stay informed, and practice in dueling servers, you’ll witness your skills soar to new heights. Embrace the challenge, savor the victories, and relish the joy of becoming a true force to be reckoned with in V Rising PvP. Let the battles begin, and may your adventures be filled with unending fun and triumphs!

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V Rising PVP FAQ

Does V Rising have PVP?

V Rising is a very PVP-oriented game and tons of servers run with PVP and Hardcore PVP settings making your clan battle others during your rise to vampire greatness

What is special about V rising PVP?

V Rising PVP is similar to battle rite PVP since it comes from the same game developer and is simple yet amazing and challenging. It fits the open-world PVP style of V rising perfectly!

What happens when you die in V Rising PVP?

This depends on if you’re playing a hardcore (merciless) pvp server, where you lose all of your items. Or a normal PVP server where you lose your inventory items but not your equipped items.

Can you change from PVE to PVP in V Rising?

Yes you can, but not whilst keeping your progress, V Rising has different servers for PVP and PVE and if you want to change from PVE to PVP you will have to join a PVP server. Your character and base will be unique to every server.

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