n the world of V Rising, the Gloomrot expansion of 2023 has turned the tide for PVE builds. The landscapes are now teeming with formidable bosses and NPCs, requiring strategic and lethal builds to defeat them. This guide serves to equip you with the knowledge to construct the most powerful V Rising PVE Builds for this Gloomrot 2023 expansion.

Given that your options are slightly constrained — allowing only two basic skills, one travel, and one Ultimate — it becomes paramount to choose the most potent skills to take on formidable foes. Let’s delve into the finest builds you can currently adopt:

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the Powerful V Rising Gunslinger PVE Build

Armed with Dual Pistols and a Greatsword, this PVE build exudes unparalleled strength. Introduced in the Gloomrot update, the Dual Pistols offer rapid-fire action at multiple directions before a swift reload, creating a perfect synergy with the Gunslinger playstyle. Their swift reload and firing speed outperform the crossbow, and distance is hardly a concern, allowing you to stay on the offensive.

V rising gunslinger PVE build. Slaying monsters!

The Veil of Storms emerges as the optimal travel skill for this build. It boosts your attack speed by 20% for a brief 4-second duration while adding a 25% bonus damage to your primary attack, inflicting static. Any foes in your path will also suffer the static effect, creating opportunities to deliver maximum damage within a short timeframe. Supplementing this with the Turbulent Ornament jewel adds a snare effect to your primary attack and extends the elude duration of the Veil of Storms.

Select Discharge for additional mobility, allowing you to evade melee and projectile attacks while relocating to safety — crucial for the Dual Pistols that require maintaining distance. Moreover, Discharge can be employed offensively, dealing 50% magic damage and inflicting static on enemies you pass through.

The newly introduced Lightning Curtain skill from the Gloomrot update offers an innovative defensive and offensive mechanism. It not only prevents incoming projectiles but also grants buffs to you and your allies while debuffing and inflicting static on enemies that cross it.

Pair the Dual Pistols with the Greatsword, another addition from the Gloomrot update, to deal substantial damage and confront enemies who dare to approach.

The ultimate choice for this build would be the Raging Tempest. Unveiled in the Gloomrot 2023 update, this skill lets you ricochet between enemies, dealing 525% magic damage divided among the targets. Capable of striking foes up to four times within three seconds, it imposes a static debuff, further enhancing its lethality.

Spells for gunslinger PVE build in V rising

V Rising Phantasm weaken PVE Build

This build excels in inflicting high single-target damage, relying on accumulating Phantasm stacks. Introduced in the Gloomrot update, the Illusion buff amplifies your skill reset chances. Picture your adversary struggling as you incessantly cast Chaos Volley — amplified by the Chaos Jewel, making its second hit far more destructive. This build emphasizes magical abilities, so weapon choice is not restrictive.

The new skill, Phantom Aegis, introduced in the Phantasm update, is a must-have. It offers protection while enhancing spell power, making Chaos Volley even more deadly.

For optimal results, imbibe Scholar blood. It augments your spell power, diminishes your spell cooldowns, and heightens the reset chances of your spells on the next cast. The terrifying effectiveness of combining Phantasm stacks and Scholar Blood ensures constant cooldown bypass for your magical abilities.

The potency of this Phantasm build lies in its ability to continuously refresh your magical abilities, putting any one-on-one adversary in a difficult position.

V rising Phantasm PVE build skill tree

V Rising Frost PVE Build

This build, utilizing Crystal Lance, Frost Barrier, and the Veil of Frost travel skill, truly harnesses the new buffs from the Gloomrot update to build a lethal Frost setup. The addition of powerful jewels further increases its deadliness. Ideal for debuffing enemies and eliminating bosses, the Frost build becomes even more effective with the longest freeze duration provided by Frost Dash and Veil of Frost.

Before the Gloomrot update, Ice Nova was required to trigger Crystal Lance. However, foes will now freeze on hit, regardless of their chilled state. Opt for Raging Tempest or Merciless Charge as the Ultimate for this build. Both are capable of damaging multiple enemies, enabling quick crowd control.

Again, we recommend ingesting Scholar blood for this build, as it boosts your spell power, decreases spell cooldowns, and enhances the reset chances of your spells on the next cast. Lastly, equip the Shard of the Frozen Crypt to elevate your critical strike chances, damage, and skill power.

V rising frost spells for PVE

Explore the game and find your preferred PVE builds!

With these detailed insights into the best V Rising PVE Builds for the Gloomrot 2023 expansion, you’re now equipped to choose the build that aligns with your gaming style. Keep exploring for more V Rising guides to help you conquer the game. If PVP combat also interests you, don’t forget to check out our guide on the best V Rising Gloomrot PVP Builds.


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