What are the best free servers for Minecraft now at the start of 2023? There are plenty to choose from and since we cannot compare the free servers by the price we will rank them based on performance. 

Top 3 free Minecraft servers of 2023

1. Scalacube

ScalaCube is number one on our list simply because they offer excellent service and have the best reviews overall compared to the other free server providers. We have tried the free server of ScalaCube ourselves and found it excellent. The only drawback is that you cannot play for free with friends since the server only allows one player to be on at a time. However, it is an excellent way to have a server you can play on different devices and return to with ease no matter where you are or what device you are on. Try Scalacube!

2. FreeMcserver.net

Free Minecraft Servers offer you the best package overall when it comes to free Minecraft servers, they give you 1.5 GB of RAM on your server completely free! This usually costs between £4-8 per month from other providers so it really is a good deal. The drawback however is that the free server pool is limited and sometimes you will have to wait for very long times to get your free server up and running. 

3. Minehut.com

Minehut offers a free Minecraft server performing similarly to most free servers from a limited pool of servers that function in a way that makes the players queue up to play on them. The drawback with these can be that you often have to wait to get your free Minecraft server started because of the high demand for servers from players. These servers are not backed up as well either so both for Minehut and FreeMcServer.net you should back up your server on your PC every now and then. Nonetheless, they both offer great free hosting once you are up and running and definitely worth checking out!

Free Minecraft servers or paid?

Free Minecraft servers are of course a tempting offer and something most Minecraft players are happy to hear about, but as mentioned above the free Minecraft servers have some drawbacks. First of all, you’re never guaranteed to get your server started when you want it to and you will most likely have to wait for an hour or even more to get it started. Another drawback is the lack of hardware to host multiple people and these servers often become quite subjected to LAG once more than 1-2 players have connected. Therefore if you’re looking for a Minecraft server for you and your friends you might be better off using a paid server where you get backups taken, support, more player slots, and just better performance overall. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good Minecraft server and if the price is the deciding factor for you, then here are the cheapest packages with prices rising;

More hosting providers are constantly being added

We want to help you find the best server possible, to do this we need to compare all game server hosting providers. We are working on it!

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