Are you looking for a way to play Minecraft with friends, and maybe you are having trouble finding a good way to enjoy Minecraft together? Do not worry, we will help guide you to play Minecraft with friends in these two easy ways you find below!

How you can play Minecraft with friends (free & paid)

There are multiple ways to play Minecraft with friends online, we will give you two of the most simple options if you want to play Minecraft with friends, paid and free. 

Paid Option: Using a dedicated hosting provider

Using a dedicated hosting provider is by far the easiest way to play Minecraft with friends, through a service provider you can easily customize your server just the way you and your friends want it and connect to it instantly. It really is the easiest way to play Minecraft together with friends. The back draw of this is that you have to pay for it. When you compare Minecraft game servers it offers you a chance to find the cheapest and best servers possible to play Minecraft with friends.

Free Option: Create a LAN network with your friends!

This step is not the simplest but since we know not everyone wants to spend money just to play with friends we recommend this as the second best way. You can use software like Hamachi to create a LAN-like network between you and your friends, this way you can connect to each other’s servers without having to host a server or buy a dedicated server. You can simply start a LAN world and players on the “fake” LAN connection can simply join the game. 

This is how you do it step-by-step! 

1. Download Hamachi for either windows mac or Linux, if the download now button offers a Windows version of hamachi and you are on a Mac then you can simply press the blue text where it says “Mac” below it. It will look like the image below: 

Step1: Download Hamachi

2. Download and install Hamachi. You will also need to sign in, this will be required by your friends joining your server as well, it is very simple and won’t demand more of you than an email and a password.

Step 2 : Sign up and log in to Hamachi

3. When you are signed in and press the start button you will get the option to either join a network or set up a new one. 

If you are the one hosting the server then to make it easy you can set up the hamachi network as well. To do this you simply fill out a name for the network in the field named “Network ID” and a password for the network in the “password” field. 

Step 3: Start a Lan network for Minecraft

Your friends can join the network by simply selecting the “join network” option in hamachi and putting in your network name and password into their client. 

4.  Once everyone is in the Hamachi network you can start a Minecraft world ingame and open it to LAN. Doing this will make your friends connected to you through hamachi able to join your world. 

Step 4: Open your server to LAN and let your friends connect

This method is probably one of the easiest ones to play Minecraft with friends, and it’s also free which is a great bonus! 

Cheap ways to play with friends

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