Best Gmod Server Hosting UK (2024)

Gmod, also known as Garry’s Mod, is a sandbox game that allows players to create and manipulate objects and characters within a virtual world. To fully enjoy the game, it’s essential to have a reliable Gmod server hosting provider. On this page, we’ll compare the best providers and explain how to find the best Gmod server hosting in the UK and what factors you should consider when choosing a provider.
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GTX Gaming

The Runner-up choice!

GTX Gaming offer great Gmod servers with locations in the UK. They are a quality provider and offer the best costumer support and game server hosting available on the market. They are quite a bit more expensive but can be well worth if youre looking for a middle ground between price and quality for your Gmod server hosting.


Cheap & Good Gmod Hosting UK

SparkedHost is not mainly a UK host for Garry’s Mod but still offers great servers with top-of-the-line hardware located in London. They are also incredibly cheap starting at only £1.69 per month. You can find the best server for Gmod in the UK here!


Great all round choice!

HostHavoc is another quality Gmod game server hosting provider that aims to deliver your dream hosting. If youre not satisfied with hosthavoc they always give you a money back guarantee if you voice your concerns within the first 72 hours. Get started with a Gmod server from Hosthavoc for only £7.92

Elite Game Servers

Another great host

If you’re looking for another Gmod hosting provider then Elite Game Servers might be the one for you! Starting at: £5,37

Nitrous Networks

Another great host

Nitrous offers a great possibility of costumization for your Gmod Server hosting in UK with their London servers.
Starting at: £4.00


Another great host

Shockbyte offers great Gmod server hosting stating inStarting at: £3.96 The drawback is that for Gmod they do not have a server inside of the UK but have servers in Europe.

How do you find the best Gmod Server Hosting?

Finding the best Gmod server hosting provider requires some research. You can start by reading online reviews of different hosting providers. Look for reviews from customers who have used the provider’s services for Gmod hosting specifically. You can also ask for recommendations from other Gmod players in online forums or social media groups.

What makes a Gmod server hosting provider good?

A good Gmod server hosting provider should offer reliable and fast servers with minimal downtime. They should also provide excellent customer support to help you resolve any issues you may encounter while hosting your server. A good hosting provider should also offer flexible pricing options, so you can choose a plan that fits your budget and requirements.

What should I consider when I choose my Gmod server hosting provider?

When choosing a Gmod server hosting provider, there are several factors to consider. These include:

  • Server location: If you’re based in the UK, you’ll want to choose a hosting provider with servers located in the UK to ensure low latency and fast gameplay.
  • Server resources: Check the provider’s server specifications to ensure that they have sufficient resources to host your Gmod server.
  • Customer support: Look for a provider with excellent customer support that’s available 24/7 to help you resolve any issues you may encounter.
  • Pricing: Choose a provider that offers flexible pricing options, so you can choose a plan that fits your budget and requirements.

Who is the best Gmod server host for UK servers?

There are many Gmod server hosting providers in the UK, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some of the top providers include:

  • Nitrous Networks: Nitrous Networks is a popular Gmod server hosting provider in the UK, known for its excellent customer support and affordable pricing.
  • offers fast and reliable Gmod servers with multiple locations worldwide, including the UK.
  • GTXGaming: GTXGaming offers Gmod server hosting with low latency and fast gameplay, with servers located in the UK.

How do I set up my game server for Gmod?

Setting up a game server for Gmod is relatively straightforward. Here are the general steps you need to follow:

  1. Purchase a Gmod server hosting plan from a hosting provider.
  2. Log in to your hosting account and access the control panel.
  3. Upload your Gmod game files to the server.
  4. Configure your server settings, such as the server name, map rotation, and player limit.
  5. Start your Gmod server.

Can I get a free game server for Gmod?

Some hosting providers offer free trial periods for their services, however, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a completely free Gmod server hosting provider. Running a game server requires significant resources, and hosting providers need to cover their costs to offer reliable and fast servers.

What PC specs do I need to play Garry’s Mod?

The system requirements for Gmod are relatively low, making it accessible to players with lower-end PCs. Here are the minimum and recommended system requirements:

Minimum system requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 – Mac systems unknown but most should work.
Processor: 2 GHz Processor or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
GPU/Graphics card: 512MB dedicated VRAM or better.
DirectX: 9

What to look for in a Gmod game server?

These factors you should consider when you’re looking to buy a hosting service for Garry’s Mod, before renting a server you should consider these points a bit extra so that you know what Garry’s mod server provider to choose based on what is important to you.

  • Pricing
  • Cost per slot
  • Server Locations
  • Server uptime and Stability
  • Support
  • Warranty u0026amp; Money back Guarantee
  • Mods
  • Reviews


When people look for hosting providers they mainly compare the price of the Gmod server and then decide if they want to use it or not. Prices are definitely very important but we would advise you to look a bit more into what you’re getting for the price when you compare game server hosting for the UK.

Cheap Gmod Servers UK

We do not recommend price is all you look for when you are searching for your service provider since that often comes to bite you in the butt later. However, if price is the only comparison you are interested in then you can read more about the cheapest Gmod servers here!

Cost per slot

Are you looking to host a server for a big party of players? Then I guess you are most interested in finding the best price per slot amongst the bigger server packages. A middle ground can work as well, and there are many different options to choose from. You can simply find the price per slot by dividing the cost by the number of slots.

(price) / (slots) = Price per slot

You should except looking at how many slots the server contains also compare what hardware is offered by the Gmod hosting provider, such as RAM memory, and what processor is allocated to the hosting.

server locations

Who is going to play with you on the server?

That should be the first question you ask yourself when you choose the location of the Gmod server, if you are playing with plenty of friends all around Europe then maybe a central server in the Netherlands would be a good choice. However, if you are playing with people only from the UK then the best choice is a server from the UK since that offers the players a lower ping and better performance. Your goal is to have the server as close to the players as possible. 

Server uptime & Stability

This is something almost every Gmod server provider markets as 100% or 99.99%, and for the most part, it is true but there are a few exceptions where the server providers don’t have the Garry’s Mod server uptime they claim to have.

What you are looking for regarding server uptime and stability is that the company claims 100% or 99% game server uptime. Because if they do and your server goes down then you can simply write a ticket to the support and get your money back for that month’s hosting since if the server is down more than 7 hours in 28 days it’s more than 1% thus you can claim your money back. Also if it goes down just 3-4 days into hosting then all it takes is for it to be down half an hour to an hour and they don’t have 99% uptime anymore. ,

So keep in mind when you select your hosting platform that if they mention 100% server uptime it is within your right to hold them to it. 


A quality game server provider often stands out for its support, as a player this is very important when choosing what hosting provider to go with. A good rule of thumb is to look at Trustpilot and see if they respond to reviews that are negative and see how service-minded the support is. 

I know that personally, I would never choose a server provider that I did not trust had an efficient support team since this is key for you to feel taken care of as a client if any issues would arise. To me its also a plus if the server provider offers some sort of knowledgebase with guides on how you can set up a server on their site, this is often very helpful.

If there’s ever a billing issue it is also very nice to have access to a support team that can help you in a reasonable time and you dont have to wait for a few days just for them to start your refund process or get your Gmod server rolling again. 

Warranty and Money-back Guarantee

The biggest reason to get a serious server provider is that you want to have access to a warranty if anything goes wrong, just like we wrote about in the server uptime part of the article you need to be able to get your money back if the server provider doesn’t perform. Many Gmod hosting providers have solved this by offering you as a client a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their service if you apply for it within a certain timeframe, this is often between 24 – 70 hours. 

Gmod Mods

You should also look into what provider offers the easiest setup of mods for your Gmod server, some offer simple press-and-play/one-click setup mods and maybe this is a better pick if you are not the most tech-savvy. The hosting companies are good at marketing their ease of access to mods so it’s simple to see once you are on their site.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some of these mods might cost extra from certain Garrys Mod hosting providers and that this might be a dealbreaker for you. Read through what is included in Garry’s Mod server hosting service and what isn’t when you are looking for Gmod server hosting.


Always look at the reviews when you select a game server provider, there’s always a benefit to learning from what other people have done before you, and the same applies to server hosting and services online of any kind. When you look at what other reviews say then you get a good idea of what the strengths and weaknesses the hosting provider has, if you see a lot of reviews complaining about bad service or issues with the servers then it’s a good sign that this might be one of the weaknesses you can find with that server provider. The same is true when the server provider has many positive reviews and these reviews give remarks on the great customer service or the server performance.

What is Gmod server hosting?

Gmod server hosting is a service that makes it possible for you and your friends to play on a standalone server that is up and online even when you aren’t, it offers the possibility for you to play Gmod on a server that is not dependent on you to host it from your computer. This is especially useful if you play with multiple friends and you all want to be able to play without having to wait for the guy who is hosting the server to come online or be interrupted because one of your friends is going out of town to see his family on Saturday and none of you can play for the entire evening. Hosting a dedicated Gmod server helps get rid of this issue so that the server is online at all times and doesn’t require one of you to run it on a PC for the others to play.

How does dedicated Garry’s Mod hosting work?

Dedicated Garry’s Mod hosting is as mentioned above a service provided where a company hosts your server on their server locations, for this to work they rent, buy or set up servers in locations around the world and connect them to their brand and install their software on them. Through this process, they offer you the possibility to host your games from locations across the world and make it easy for you to skip the hassle of hosting yourself. 

Do you need to host a server?

You will always need server hosting, you host your games locally or on a dedicated server. Every online multiplayer game needs a host for the game or the lobby that they are in, some games solve this by setting up peer-to-peer hosting within the game, meaning that one of the players in the lobby gets selected to host the lobby. An example of this is the game Counterstrike Global offense, during normal matchmaking a host is selected and will host the game for the other 9 people, the server host is usually the player with the lowest ping. 

The “job” of the host is to store all game data and update all game data as the game goes along, the players ping their information to the host and get new information from the host several times per second. These are things such as their location in the game, their ammunition, weapon, grenades, well everything really. 

So yes, you need to have a host to play a multiplayer game online, however, you have many options on how to host your server. 

Why should you use dedicated Gmod server hosting? 

You should use dedicated Gmod server hosting for many reasons, it offers the possibility to have your game at easy access for you and all your friends at all times, and you get a high level of performance to your server that you would not get if you were to host it yourself from your PC, especially not if you’re playing with someone who lives far away from you. You also get backups from most game server hosting providers so that you can rest easy in that your progress is saved if ever anything should happen. 

+ Reliable servers:  When you use dedicated Gmod server hosting you always get working servers that stay up and available for you to play around the clock!

+ You can customize your servers easily: When you choose dedicated Gmod server hosting you often get to choose different mods you can add to your server with ease and also an admin page where you can make all of these customizations with just a few clicks! 

+ Strong performance: A dedicated server is a powerhouse that you can’t compare to any normal player-hosted server, these servers can allow you to host hundreds of players and still offer a very stable server. A dedicated Gmod server is a must-have for anyone who wants to start a bigger server. 

+ Security: A dedicated server has security to deal with DDoS attacks, hackers, and other types of malware trying to cheat or ruin your server. With these things, you know that your server is safe for you and your users!

– Is it needed for you?: Gmod has many servers running that are both official and unofficial, if you’re just a few players that want to play together then maybe it is better to join an existing server than to rent one of your own. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Gmod Server Hosting

The cost of Gmod server hosting in the UK varies depending on the hosting provider and the plan you choose. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from £5 to £25 per month for a Gmod server hosting plan.

Yes, you can install mods on your Gmod server. Most hosting providers offer easy installation of popular mods, and you can also upload and install custom mods manually.

The number of players that can join your Gmod server depends on the server resources you have available. Most hosting providers offer plans with player slots ranging from 10 to 100 or more.

You can manage your Gmod server through the hosting provider’s control panel. The control panel allows you to configure server settings, install mods, and manage player access and permissions.

Backing up your Gmod server is essential to protect your game data and settings. Most hosting providers offer automatic backups or allow you to create manual backups through the control panel. It’s recommended to backup your server regularly to avoid losing any important data.

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