best 7 Days To Die server hosting uk (2024)

Welcome to our 7 Days to Die Server Hosting UK comparison page! We’ve curated a selection of top hosting providers in the UK tailored for this thrilling survival game. Find the perfect hosting solution for your zombie-infested adventures and make an informed decision with our detailed comparisons, reviews, and essential factors to consider. Let’s embark on this gaming journey together and conquer the undead with reliable server hosting.

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GTX Gaming

2# The Runner-up choice!

GTX Gaming offer great 7 Days to Die servers with locations in the UK. They are a quality provider and offer the best customer support and game server hosting available on the market. Get started with 7 Days to Die server hosting for only £9.50 GTX gaming!


1# BEST 7 Days to die hosting!

SparkedHost is a great hosting provider for 7 Days to die servers and offers budget-friendly 7 days to die server hosting that lets you get started on your server for only £3.41 per month.


3# Best choise for a larger server!

HostHavoc is one of our favorite hosts here at gameserverhosting. We love them because of their incredible support and quality hosting. However they drop a few spots cause of their price when it comes to 7 Days to Die game server starting at £11.28 they are a bit higher cost but great when youre looking for a bigger 7 days to die server.

Gaming deluxe

Another great host

Gaming Deluxe is another quality provider of servers and they offer amazing support and also has a lot of great resources on how to use their well-developed hosting control panel. Get 7 Days to Die server hosting from Gaming deluxe starting at £7.50.

Nitrous Networks

Another great host

Nitrous Networks offer 7 Days to die Server hosting in UK with their London location starting at: £10 for 32 slots and unlimited ram. They offer quality servers for 7 Days to die at good prices! They do lack different options of hosting however.


Another great host

Apex hosting offer great hosting services for everyone. They have an overwhealming amount of positive reviews and are well known for their excellent minecraft servers. They also offer 7 Days to Die server hosting starting at : £5.92 for the first month and after that a recurring price of £7.90/mo.

The best 7 days to die hosting providers reviewed

Sparked Host – Best 7 Days to Die server

Sparked Host stands out as the best 7 Days to Die hosting provider for several reasons. Firstly, their pricing is unbeatably affordable, making it an attractive choice for gamers on a budget. Despite the low cost, their hardware offers excellent performance, ensuring a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.

Another key advantage is Sparked Host’s UK-based data center locations, specifically in London. This proximity results in lower latency and faster response times, providing players in the UK and nearby regions with a significant advantage.

The overwhelmingly positive reviews and an impressive 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot further reinforce Sparked Host’s position as the top choice. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, reliable performance, and exceptional support has earned them a solid reputation among gamers.

Considering their affordability, top-notch hardware, UK data center locations, and outstanding reputation, Sparked Host is the ideal hosting provider for 7 Days to Die. If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution that guarantees an exceptional gaming experience, Sparked Host should be your go-to option.

GTX Gaming – Second best 7 days To die server

GTX Gaming has secured the second spot in our rankings for 7 Days to Die hosting providers and for good reason. While their pricing may be slightly higher at £9.50, they offer excellent value with 10 slots and up to 8GB of RAM allocation, providing ample resources for a smooth gaming experience.

One of the key factors that contributed to GTX Gaming’s high ranking is their exceptional reputation. With a Trustpilot review score of 4.8, they have garnered immense popularity and positive feedback from gamers. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and reliable service has made them one of the most highly regarded game server hosting providers in the UK.

Although the pricing is a bit higher compared to some other options, the additional slots and generous RAM allocation make it worthwhile for gamers who require more capacity and performance. GTX Gaming’s excellent reputation and popularity among the gaming community make them a clear top choice for any game server hosting.

If you’re willing to invest a little more for a hosting provider that offers ample resources and enjoys an outstanding reputation, GTX Gaming is a fantastic option. With their robust infrastructure, top-notch support, and high customer satisfaction, they provide a reliable and enjoyable 7 Days to Die gaming experience.

Hosthavoc – 3rd place 7 Days to Die Hosting

Host Havoc has earned its place as a strong contender in our list of 7 Days to Die hosting providers. With an impressive Trustpilot review score of 4.9, they have established themselves as a trusted and reliable choice among gamers.

One of the standout features of Host Havoc is their generous slot offerings. For just £11.28, you can enjoy 14 slots, providing ample space for you and your fellow survivors to embark on thrilling adventures together. Additionally, if you’re in need of a larger server, Host Havoc offers a 40-slot option for only £18.55, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a bigger gaming community.

The stellar Trustpilot rating reflects the high level of satisfaction among Host Havoc’s customers. Their commitment to delivering quality service, reliable performance, and exceptional customer support has garnered them an enthusiastic following in the gaming community.

If you’re looking for a hosting provider that offers generous slot options, competitive pricing, and has an outstanding reputation, Host Havoc is a solid choice. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with their ability to cater to both small and large gaming communities, makes them a reliable and appealing option for hosting your 7 Days to Die server.

How to compare 7 days to die server hosting in the UK

When it comes to finding the perfect server hosting for your 7 Days to Die gaming adventures, it’s essential to make a thoughtful comparison among the various options available in the UK market. We’re here to help you navigate this decision-making process by highlighting the key factors that deserve your attention. By considering these aspects, you can ensure that the hosting provider you choose meets your needs and provides an exceptional gaming experience

performance and uptime

To keep the zombie-slaying action flowing smoothly, it’s crucial to choose a hosting provider that delivers reliable performance and minimal downtime. Look for providers who invest in robust hardware and network infrastructure to ensure a stable and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Server Locations

The geographical location of your server can impact gameplay performance. Opting for hosting providers with data centers in the UK will help you minimize latency and enhance responsiveness for players in the region. We specialize in servers for people in the United Kingdom and know that it is always best to have your server located inland and not across the sea to either Europe or America.

Pricing and Plans

Let’s talk about the budget. Take a close look at the pricing structures and hosting plans offered by different providers. Make sure to find transparent pricing that fits your wallet while providing the necessary resources to support your gaming needs. A common mistake people do is opt for the absolute cheapest alternative when in fact the price-to-performance ratio might be way better from a different hosting provider. We will always give the first place in our comparison to the MVH (Most Valuable Host) and not to the cheapest one, sometimes however the cheapest offers the best price to performance and that is just a win/win for us gamers.

Customer support

We all know how frustrating technical issues can be, especially when you’re immersed in a gaming session. That’s why responsive and reliable customer support is vital. Seek hosting providers who offer 24/7 assistance through various channels like live chat, email, or phone. It’s reassuring to know that a helping hand is just a message away.

Mod Support:

If you’re eager to customize your 7 Days to Die experience with mods, it’s essential to find a hosting provider that supports mod installations. Look for providers who offer user-friendly integration and provide helpful guides or tutorials to assist you in the process.

control Panel Options

Managing your server should be a breeze. Consider hosting providers that offer intuitive and user-friendly control panels. With an easy-to-navigate interface, you can effortlessly configure settings, install plugins, and keep an eye on your server’s performance.


As your gaming community grows, you might need to expand your server resources. Look for hosting providers that offer scalability options, allowing you to easily upgrade or customize your server to accommodate increased player activity. Flexibility is the key to future-proofing your gaming journey.

Reputation and User Feedback

It’s always wise to listen to the experiences of others. Take the time to explore the reputation of different hosting providers. Read reviews, testimonials, and ratings from fellow gamers to gain valuable insights. Look for providers who consistently receive positive feedback and have a solid track record of reliable service. We recommend you look at the Trustpilot reviews of the Hosting provider our read our reviews to get a complete picture of the game server hosting providers.

Additional Features and Add-ons

Sometimes it’s the little extras that make a big difference. Check out the additional features and add-ons offered by hosting providers. These can include DDoS protection, automatic backups, SSD storage, or convenient one-click installations of popular gaming platforms. Find providers who offer those sweet bonus features that align with your needs.

Terms of Service and Refund Policy

Before committing to a hosting provider, don’t forget to review the terms of service and refund policy. Ensure that they align with your expectations and that you’re comfortable with any limitations or restrictions that may impact your gaming experience.

Compare and find the winning 7 Days to Die server for you!

By considering these essential factors while comparing 7 Days to Die server hosting providers in the UK, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision that suits your gaming needs. Remember to prioritize performance, customer support, pricing, mod support, and scalability to ensure a seamless and enjoyable gaming journey. Take your time to research, explore user feedback, and analyze each option carefully. Your ideal hosting provider is out there, waiting to bring your zombie-slaying adventures to life. Don’t rush the process—take the time to find the hosting provider that perfectly aligns with your requirements and preferences.

Remember, your gaming experience should be smooth, uninterrupted, and tailored to your liking. By considering factors like performance, customer support, pricing, mod support, server locations, and scalability, you’re setting yourself up for success.

So go ahead, explore the hosting providers, read reviews from fellow gamers, and weigh your options. Your journey to finding the best 7 Days to Die server hosting in the UK starts now. Get ready to embark on thrilling adventures with a hosting provider that can handle the undead hordes while ensuring you have a fantastic time gaming. Good luck, and may your servers be fast, stable, and full of epic victories!

Frequently asked questions about 7 Days to die server hosting

What is 7 Days to Die server hosting?

7 Days to Die server hosting refers to the service of renting a server specifically designed to host multiplayer games of 7 Days to Die. It allows players to connect, interact, and play the game together in a shared virtual environment.

Do I need server hosting to play 7 Days to Die multiplayer?

Yes, if you want to play multiplayer in 7 Days to Die, you’ll need a dedicated server or rent server hosting. It provides a stable and controlled environment for multiple players to connect and collaborate.

What factors should I consider when choosing a server hosting provider?

Important factors to consider include server performance, uptime, pricing, customer support, mod support, control panel options, server locations, scalability, reputation, and user feedback.

Can I install mods on a 7 Days to Die server?

Yes, many server hosting providers support mods for 7 Days to Die. Look for providers that offer mod support and provide guidance on how to install and manage mods effectively.

How many players can typically join a 7 Days to Die server?

The number of players that can join a 7 Days to Die server depends on the hosting provider and the server’s specifications. It can range from a few dozen players to hundreds, depending on the server’s capacity.

Can I customize server settings and configurations?

Yes, most server hosting providers offer customization options that allow you to modify server settings, such as game difficulty, player limits, PvP rules, and other gameplay parameters.

Is it possible to backup and restore my server data?

Yes, reputable hosting providers usually offer backup and restore functionality. Regularly backing up your server data ensures that you can recover it in case of any unforeseen events or issues.

Are there any specific server requirements to host 7 Days to Die?

7 Days to Die server hosting typically requires a server with sufficient CPU power, RAM, and storage space to handle the game’s demands. Ensure that the hosting provider meets or exceeds the game’s recommended system requirements.

Can I switch server hosting providers without losing my progress?

Yes, it is possible to switch server hosting providers without losing your progress. You can transfer your game data or files to the new server by following the instructions provided by both the old and new hosting providers.

How much does 7 Days to Die server hosting cost?

The cost of 7 Days to Die server hosting varies depending on the hosting provider, server specifications, and the duration of your subscription. Pricing plans typically range from a few pounds per month up to a hundred pounds for higher-tier plans with advanced features.

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