Terraria Mobile Server Hosting – Updated 2023

Terraria is a popular sandbox game that has been around since 2011. It’s a game that has been enjoyed by millions of players all around the world, and with the rise of mobile gaming, Terraria has also found its way onto mobile devices. On this page, we will compare Terraria mobile hosting providers and explore what Terraria Mobile Server Hosting is and how it differs from Terraria Server Hosting.

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Sparked Host


I recently tried Sparked Host for my Terraria server hosting needs, and I have to say, I was really impressed! Their hardware is top-notch, and I experienced no lag or performance issues while playing. Their control panel is super easy to use, and I was able to customize my server settings and install mods with ease.

One thing I really appreciated about Sparked Host was their affordable pricing. Compared to some other hosting providers, they offered great value for their service.

GTX Gaming

Best Terraria mobile server hosting

In my opinion, GTX Gaming is the best choice for Terraria mobile hosting for a number of reasons. Firstly, they were the first provider to offer hosting for Terraria mobile, and they continue to lead the pack with their powerful hardware and reliable network.
What really sets GTX Gaming apart from other providers is their commitment to customer satisfaction. They offer a 24-hour refund policy and a satisfaction guarantee, which really puts their customers first.


Runner up modded terraria hosting

Although HostHavoc does not offer Terraria mobile hosting, they are still a great hosting provider for all Terraria servers. Their powerful hardware and reliable network ensure that your server will run smoothly, even during peak gameplay hours.

Hosthavoc has a 72 hour refund policy and is a top-notch host for terraria. If youre looking for terraria hosting then they are definatly a great pick!

Gaming Deluxe

Modded terraria servers supported ✅

Gaming deluxe is a great game server provider and we think they are top teir performers and have great mod download and auto-update solutions for your Terraria servers. They are a top teir choice and you will definitely be satisfied with their hosting. Starting at: £6

Nitrous Networks

Modded terraria servers supported ✅

Nitrous Networks offer terraria Server hosting in UK with their London location starting at: £4.50 They are a quality provider and even though their UI is a bit on the simpler side they put all the extra work into their servers and offer great quality.


Modded terraria servers supported ✅

Apex Hosting offers great hosting services for everyone. They have an overwhealming amount of positive reveiws and are well known for their excellent minecraft servers. They also offer Terraria server hosting starting at : £3.5 ($4.49)

What is Terraria Mobile Server Hosting?

Terraria Mobile Server Hosting is a service that allows players to host their own private servers for Terraria Mobile. With this service, players can invite their friends to play together on a private server, giving them a more intimate and customizable gaming experience. It’s important to note that this service is different from Terraria Server Hosting, which is a service that allows players to host their own private servers for the PC version of Terraria.

Why is it popular to play Terraria Mobile?

Terraria Mobile has become increasingly popular over the years due to its accessibility and convenience. Players can play Terraria Mobile anywhere they want, as long as they have a mobile device with them. Terraria Mobile also offers touchscreen controls, making it easier for players to navigate their way around the game.

When did Terraria Mobile come out?

Terraria Mobile was first released in August 2013 for iOS devices, followed by a release for Android devices in September of the same year.

How do you play Terraria Mobile?

Playing Terraria Mobile is easy. You can download the game from the App Store or Google Play Store, and install it on your mobile device. Once the game is installed, you can launch it and start playing. You can play single-player, or you can join a multiplayer server to play with other players.


Hosting a dedicated game server for Mobile Terraria is an awesome way to enjoy the game with your friends or other players online. By having a dedicated server, you can customize the server settings and install mods or plugins to enhance your gameplay experience. Not only that but having a dedicated server means you get reliable server performance and reduced latency, which results in smoother and more enjoyable gameplay. Plus, having a dedicated server allows you to control who has access to your server and protect your game data and privacy.

What to consider?

To make sure you have a great gaming experience, it’s important to choose the right Mobile Terraria Server Hosting provider. There are a few things you should consider when choosing a provider, like server location, specifications, scalability, support, and price. With the right hosting provider and a dedicated game server, you and your friends can explore, build, and fight in the world of Terraria.

One of the best things about Mobile Terraria Server Hosting is that you have full control over who can access your server. You can set up password-protected servers, create whitelists, and ban players who break the server’s rules. This means you can create a unique and personalized gaming experience for you and your friends.

When you’re looking for a Mobile Terraria Server Hosting provider, it’s essential to find one that offers reliable and stable servers. It’s also important to check their support options and how they handle server issues quickly and efficiently. Plus, you want to find a provider that offers affordable pricing and scalability options, so you can easily upgrade your server as your player base grows.

Play Terraria Mobile together!

So, if you’re looking for a great way to play Mobile Terraria with your friends or other players online, then hosting a dedicated game server is the way to go. With the right Mobile Terraria Server Hosting provider, you can create a unique and fun gaming experience while enjoying the many benefits of having a dedicated server.

FAQ – Mobile terraria Hosting

Is Terraria Mobile Server Hosting free?

No, Terraria Mobile Server Hosting is not free. You will need to pay for a hosting service to host your own private server.

Can I play with friends on Terraria Mobile without hosting a private server?

Yes, you can play with friends on Terraria Mobile without hosting a private server. You can join a public server or invite your friends to join a public server together.

Can I transfer my PC Terraria save data to Terraria Mobile?

No, you cannot transfer your PC Terraria save data to Terraria Mobile. The mobile version of the game is different from the PC version, and the two are not compatible with each other.

Is Terraria Mobile cross-platform compatible?

Yes, Terraria Mobile is cross-platform compatible. You can play with players on different mobile devices, as well as players on PC if the version of Terraria is the same. The mobile version is currently equivalent to the 1.4 PC version.

How many players can play on a Terraria Mobile server?

A Terraria Mobile server can host up to 8 players at a time.

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